Have you seen this girl?

The family quickly came outside, the young girl in a pair of pajamas. "Is everything alright?!" The woman called, Reeter and Omelia ran up towards her.

"Everything is fine, thank you so much for everything," Omelia smiled.

"Yes thank you," Reeter echoed.

"Well we best get going, I'll give you your clothes back, I promise!" Reeter called to the family.

"Goodbye!" Reeter and Omelia called in unison, running off down the road through the now only slighty spitting rain, back to the forest where they both belonged, but suddenly something caught Omelia's eyes.

She quickly turned to see a white, muddy, wet poster, with paint running. Omelia stopped while Reeter turned infront of her.

"What?" Reeter asked her. Omelia ignored her, wiping the poster with her hand. On it was written:

Have you seen this girl?

A picture of Omelia smiling was on it.

"That's you?" Reeter asked in shock, staring at the poster. Omelia slowly nodded. "Well, what do we do?"

The End

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