Sweet Revenge

Upon hearing the commotion outside, Reeter sat up and listened intently. It sounded like Omelia was fighting with someone. Probably Jack by the sound of it.


The name filled her with fury as the memories took hold of her again. She wasn't letting him get away with that, no matter how weak she was.

He would pay for what he'd done to her.

Limping outside to join Omelia, Reeter brought her fist down hard into Jack's alarmed face. She felt his nose break under her knuckles:

"Take that you lying rat! I'll teach you to do that to me!"

She punched him again, in the gut this time, feeling the wind come out of him with a "whoosh." He looked up at her pleadingly, brown eyes full of fear and alarm. The sight of him only fuelled Reeter's anger further and she brought her bony heel down on his ribcage.

Sweet revenge.

The End

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