Horrible Rascal!

"Reeter! You're awake! Did Jack do this to you?! Is he the one who hurt you?!" Omelia asked and Reeter slowly nodded. Omelia gasped and turned to the man's wife, "Please look after her for now, I'm sorry but I'll be back soon!" Omelia rubbed Reeter's hand,"I'm going to do something for you, something you'll remember forever!" Omelia exclaimed, running outside and into the rain, closing the door behind her. She looked around the dark night that was only faintly lit by a few lanterns.

"Where are you you little rascal! Come here and fight me for what you did to my friend!" A black silhouette of a boy stood at the end of the road with his hands in his pockets. "Jack?!" Omelia shouted. 

"Omelia?" Another voice replied. She charged down the street at him, suddenly punching him in the face so he fell on the floor. 

"That's for being a horrible rascal!" He shrieked in pain.She punched him in the fce again. "That's for hurting my best friend!" Then finally she kicked him in the mens area hard, "And that's...for me."

The End

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