Bright white light. Penetrating every patch of darkness in Reeter's mind, chasing away the dark redness, bringing her back into the realm of life.

Somewhere, in the dark confines of her mind, Reeter stirred. She felt the light touching her, nudging at her, urging her to open her eyes. Reeter screwed up her eyes, trying to urge her exhausted body to move. She felt the feeling in her limbs coming back to her.

And there was that voice again, the same one that had been calling out to her before. The one that had been ringing in her ears since it had found her all those hours ago.

The one she recognised as Omelia's.

She'd come back.

She'd come back to find her. She hadn't meant what she'd said before. She did matter to her.

They really were friends after all.

This thought filled Reeter with fiery determination. There was no way she was giving up now. She wasn't about to slip away after her friend had come back for her.

She was going to fight. And she wasn't going to lose this time.

Then, with a supreme force of effort, Reeter forced her eyes open.

The End

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