The Family That Owned the Hat Shop

"Come on Reeter! Keep going! Open your eyes Reeta! Please, just come on Reeter! You can do this, I know you can. Just stay alive Reeta, please just keep breathing..." Omelia screamed at her continuously as the rain began to fall from the murky sky. 

Omelia wasn't strong, but adrenaline pulsed in her veins, forcing her to pick Reeter up, and take her to safety. Omelia called for help through the empty streets, but no-one was there. 

"Please, someone! Help us! Please!" Omelia called. But nothing. 

She had nothing left in her, and neither did Reeter. The biggest mistake of Omelia's life happened when she was sitting in that hospital bed. She screamed for help again, searching and stumbling through the empty streets.Help was no-where.

The rain kept pouring.

The tears kept streaming.

Omelia kept screaming.

Yet somewhere, Reeter's heart did keep beating. Somehow.

A tall figure appeared out of a house, pulling an umbrella up and putting on a top hat. 

"Help! please! Excuse me! I need your help! My friend is hurt!" Omelia ran over the figure, it was a 40 year old man. He stared at the girl in Omelia's arms that looked like a rag doll, and opened the door back up again quickly and let them inside. 

Omelia ran in and put her in a sofa, kneeling beside her. "This is all my fault..."Omelia whispered, "I'm so sorry Reeter, I'm so so sorry..." Tears slowly came down Omelia's pale cheeks as the man ran in with towels and blankets, throwing them at Omelia.

"I'm going to get a hot water bottle, stay here, don't move. Will I need to call an ambulance?" The man asked.

"I don't think so, but she needs food and heat and fresh clothes and...thank you sir." Omelia smiled at him, wiping her eyes.

"No problem Miss, stay here," He rushed away, hanging up his coat and throwing his hat and umbrella on the floor. When he was out of the room, Omelia quickly dried Reeta, wrapping her hair in a towel and wrapping the blanket around her. When Reeta was wrapped up, Omelia wrapped the other towel around her head, not bothering to dry herself. The man rushed in again, with clothes and a water bottle, a young girl stood behind him. "This is my daughter, she's letting you borrow a few of her clothes, my wife is in the kitchen making some food." Omelia slowly got up off of the floor and gently took the clothes away.

"Thank you so much, and you," Omelia smiled at the girl.

"No problem Miss, I'll send my wife in to see if your friend is alright after you've changed." He rushed out with the girl.

Omelia dressed Reeter in a nighty and socks, wrapping her back up in a blanket and putting the hot water bottle under the pillow for her. Omelia would change later, Reeter was more important. She kneeled back up and stroked Reeta's hand gently.

"Everything is fine Reeter...Everything is going to be alright. Just keep breathing and just keep that strong heart beating. Just stay alive...for me."

The End

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