Red Void

Redness. Deep, impenetrable redness. Redness that felt of nothing but pain and anger and confusion.

Redness Reeter couldn't find a way out of. It just went on and on and on forever, an unending wall of horror and pain.

She tried to move, tried to raise a hand to push the red away, to banish it back to the corner of her mind it had come from. But she didn't have the strength. She could scarcely manage to keep herself alive, let alone move.

And, amongst it all, flashes of memory, flitting across the back of her eyes like birds in a gale. Pain, fear, anger, cries of agony, manic laughter, punches, kicks and the gleam of knives in the darkness.

And a void. A deep dark empty void where her heart used to be. Something was missing there, something Reeter couldn't remember. Something she knew she needed to get back, but didn't know how.

Two days she'd been here. Two days slumped against an alley wall, fighting with all her strength to stay alive, to keep her heart beating  and lungs breathing.

Two days since the memories had been the present time.

Seven days since the hurt had started.

One day after she'd fallen into this void of red pain.

Three minutes since the voice had started calling to her.

One second since she'd recognised it.

The End

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