She Didn't Wake Up

A whole, long, week went past. Full of tears, frustration, anger, mixed emotions basically. But none of them made sense.

When Omelia was healthy and fit enough to leave the hospital, she had absolutely no idea where to go. It was busy and she stumbled confused through a maze of people, completely lost of which way back to the forest to apologise to Reeta.

After falling flat on her face into a alleyway, she almost gave up. That was when she saw her. Reeta, sat slumped against a wall, nothing but skin and bones. She was as white as a freshly clean sheet. A few cuts, a few bruises, nothing too serious, but it looked like she hadn't eaten for weeks.

Omelia quickly ran over to her, holding the back of her hand onto Reeta's forehead to see if she had a temperature. Clammy moisture broke out across Omelia's forehead. Reeta's eyes were closed. She was unconscious. 

"Reeta? Reeta can you hear me? Open your eyes Reeta!" Omelia shouted at Reeta, tapping her cheek. 

She didn't wake up. 

Her eyes didn't open.

She stopped moaning.

She stopped whimpering.

And for what Omelia thought...Reeta's heart stopped beating.

The End

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