Silent Agony

Reeter stormed out of the hospital, fury burning inside her. How dare Omelia say that? How dare she reject her, after all she'd done! If it hadn't been for her she wouldn't even be alive! Ungrateful little swine.

Turning down a side-alley, Reeter strode off down the dirty streets, not caring where she was going. Blazing with hurt and anger, she aimed a vicious kick at a stray cat who darted out in front of her. The cat hissed and slunk off, Reeter carried on walking. Eventually, after a myriad of twists and turns, she reached a dead end of an alleyway.

There, alone in the gloom, she vented her pain.

Shrieking like a banshee, Reeter kicked and threw any object she could get her hands on, from broken appliances to abandoned household items. Fury blazed in her pale grey eyes as she wreaked her destructive misery on everything around her. The hurt in her heart was so great she thought she would burst. She'd been rejected, cast-off by the one person she thought she could trust. The one person she called a friend.

And now she was empty, with nothing but this pain to fill the void Omelia had left in her soul.

Eventually, after destroying everything within reach, Reeter sank to her knees in the dirty street. Her fury had died inside her, and now all she had was this cold, hard misery. She heard Jack scamper into the alley behind her, saw his eyes widen as he saw the destruction she had wrought. Reeter ignored him and simply sat there, letting herself drown in the icy blackness of sadness and confusion that had invaded her soul.

Why had Omelia rejected her? Why would she not trust her, after all they'd been through?

Why wouldn't she say she needed Reeter as much as Reeter needed her?

Suddenly overcome with emotion, Reeter put her head in her hands and started to sob uncontrollably, her whole lean body shaking as tears streamed down her face.

But no sound escaped her lips.

Silent tears for a silent agony.

The End

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