"I can't..." Omelia whispered.

"Why?! Is there something your hiding from me? You can tell me Omelia, you can trust me." Reeta replied, her hand slowly beginning to squeeze Omelia's.

"And what If I don't trust you?!" Omelia boomed, yanking her hand away.

"What has gotten into you?! I'm just trying to be here for you, if it happens again and no-one knows about it what will happen? You were close to death and I don't want it to happen again!" Reeta shouted back, standing up and towering over Omelia.

"Well maybe I just have to keep this to myself and no-one else! I don't need you! I have myself and that's all I need!" They stared at eachother in shock, but then suddenly both glared.

"I'm the one who saved you, you would have died without me! Why can't you just tell me?!" Reeta screached.

"Because I can't! I don't even need you! Why are you here?!" Omelia wanted to push the words back in after she said them. Jack stood at the door staring at them both, and Omelia placed her hands over her mouth.

Reeta was suddenly calm, "You don't need me?...Fine, I'll go then." Reeta dusted her dress, and walked to the door, pushing Jack out then turning back to Omelia to see her with her hand reached out for her. "If this happens again, don't come back to me. So much for saving a friend." Then slowly, Reeta walked out.

Jack stood in the doorway, staring after Reeta. He then turned to see Omelia lying in bed, tears slowly rolling down her face, "This is your fault. Just because you don't want to tell her doesn't mean you have to scream at the girl. And I thought you were good..."

And with that, those simple words that hurt so much, he left Omelia alone in the hospital, repeating beeping sounds around her and swinging lightbulbs above her. Omelia kept playing what happened just then in her mind, and right then, she wished she hadn't done it.

The End

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