Questions that Must be Answered

For the next few hours, while Omelia dozed, Reeter sat by her friend's side, deep in thought.

What had happened to Omelia to make her look like this? Who had taken her, and why? What had they wanted her for?

Jack wandered in and out of the room occasionally, sometimes bringing food or drink for the girls, other times just to "check up" on them. Reeter smiled a sneaky smile, he probably had a thing for one of them.

Which, she didn't care, it just amused her to see him so besotted.

The hours came and went, sometimes alone and sometimes talking to Omelia, Jack, and occasionally a nurse who would ask about Omelia's condition and how she had come to be in such a state. Reeter would shrug her narrow shoulders and say, quite honestly, that she had no idea how she had come to be this way. The nurse would sigh and walk off, and Reeter would be alone with her thoughts again.

Eventually, in what must have been the late afternoon, Reeter finally asked the question that had been burning within her for hours.

"Omelia, I know this is a hard question for you, but I really have to know what happened to you back there." She squeezed her hand comfortingly, a pleading look in her big grey eyes, "You can trust me. Tell me what happened so I can stop it happening again. Please?"

The End

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