Reeta saved me, I bet she could give you a broken arm in a second


Am I dead? Is the pain gone? Maybe if I open my eyes I could check if the men are here. No, too risky. Where's that girl, the kind one who was carrying me? I must be dead now, perhaps if I open my eyes, then I'd see white fluffy clouds. But now all I see is darkness. I have to open my eyes, or the darkness will eat me again. And I will never see Reeta again...

Omelia forced her eyes open, jolting upwards and panting loudly. Reeta sat in a chair next to her, and was suddenly awoken by Omelia's awakening. They both looked at eachother, eyes wide, faces shocked liked they'd just had a nightmare.

"The men! The men! I had a pistol! No, they'll come back! Shoot them Reeta, shoot them!" Omelia checked her hands and body for a pistol, but nothing, she then looked at Reeta.

"Calm down, just lay back, evrything is fine, your in hospital Omelia, can you remember what happened?" Reeta asked, laying Omelia back down and gently stroking her hand.

She breathed heavily, staring up at the cieling. "I don't want to talk about it..." Omelia breathed, closing her eyes and shaking her head.

"Omelia, you must-"

"Please," She begged.

"Later," Reeta ordered and Omelia nodded. Omelia looked to her left to see a boy laughing. Reeta smiled.

"Who's he?" She asked.

"Oh, this is Jack, he helped me find you," Reeta gestured one hand to him.

"Oh yes, I helped this beautiful young lady," he winked at Reeta, "and saved this other beautiful young lady." then grinned at Omelia.

"Look, pal, friend, boy. I don't know who you are but you are rude, and I must say me and Reeta might be beautiful, but you are just an ugly boy looking for someone to fall in love with, and it is not going to be me. Reeta saved me, I bet she could give you a broken arm in a second." Omelia sniggered, and crossed her bruised arms across her chest, Reeta laughed.

"Do you want Jack's heart?" Jack asked Reeta.

"Sorry pal, I don't need a boy in my life, I've got a friend right here," Omelia turned and smiled at Reeta, Reeta grinned back.

"Me, too."

The End

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