Reeter nearly whooped for joy when Omelia woke up. She hugged her closer to her thin chest, whispering comfortingly to the girl as Jack led them towards a large wooden building. He stopped beside the door and knocked hard on it. When nothing happened, Reeter kicked it brutally, annoyance flaring in her spirit.

Eventually a woman opened the door, small and plump with a kind-featured face and deep brown eyes. Reeter, however, caught a sense of an underlying tenseness from her, like she was waiting for something. The woman gawked when she saw Omelia in Reeter's arms and beckoned the three inside. Eventually they reached a small room with five beds in it, three of which were already occupied. Setting Omelia down on the farthest one, closest to the wall, Reeter took a seat beside her as the nurse checked her injuries, fussing and flapping and talking too fast for Reeter to understand.

"It's gonna be okay now," she whispered to Omelia, taking her soft white hand in her own calloused brown one, "it's gonna be okay. You'll be fine, just rest. It's all gonna be okay."

Despite the comforting words, Reeter felt anxious. She knew there would be more trouble to come. And a lot more danger as well.

The End

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