Carried by safety, to heavens wide open door


When my lungs stop breathing, and my heart stops beating, I hope somebody will be there. I am dying, every second any closer. Yet somehow, I feel protected, in the arms of safety that will carry me to heavens wide open door.

 I didn't think this would be the way I would die, it doesn't seem right. I don't want to die yet, I will never see the world like I wanted too, never live a full and happy life like I wanted to. Never fall in love... But heaven is a good place, and that is where I'm going, to heaven, where the bells are ringing, and where good people are waiting.

Omelia's eyes slowly opened, it was dark, and two pairs of loud and quick footsteps were the only sound around her. Omelia struggled to breathe,and her body ached and pained.She looked up to see a pretty yet protective face above her. It was a girl, she was carrying her.

"Reeta?" Omelia whispered. The pretty kind girl looked down at her.

"I'm keeping you safe Omelia, your staying with me."


The End

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