I'm going to eat you up, and swallow you whole

"Ok, this is where I leave you, and don't you dare ever run away again. Do you hear me!?" Omelia's father dropped her onto cold floor, and kicked and punched her, leaving her bleeding,bruised, and broken. She screamed in nightmare. "Oh shut it, it's approaching night and the lads might come to get you so stay where you are my pretty little-" He punched and kicked her again. But Omelia couldn't speak, she wanted to tell him to stop, and to leave her alone and just get out of her life. But she couldn't get the words out.

Then, silence. Omelia lay on the ground in the rain, darkness welling up on her, she cried and cried and rubbed at her sore body, nothing was working. She had to go to hospital. 

"Well look who we have here?!" A voice of a man shouted. 

"Oh, she looks pretty," Another called.

"Feeble too! Bet we could get something with her!"

"Oh yeah, I bet we could," So many voices, thought Omelia, So many men, she thought again, and so much pain... 

Footsteps slowly came towards her, she wanted to open her eyes and fight them, but the pain in her body just made her lay there with nothing to say.

"Is she even awake? It's not even fun if you can't hear them scream!" The men laughed. A ruff hand stroked her face and Omelia bit her lip. "Oh yeah, she's awake, get her boys!" 

Omelia screamed as she was picked up and thrown back down, so many hands ripping and tearing at her clothes and hair, so many mouths touching and licking at her skin. She tried to slap and punch, but they were nothing compared to the hits they gave her back. I hand grabbed her neck and a horrible dry mouth forced onto hers. She screamed a mumble, but nothing worked. They were raping her...even worse...they were killing her.

"Please!" Omelia screamed, "stop!" but they continued. Omelia opened her eyes to see a pistol in a mans pocket, she reached her hand up and grabbed it, shooting the air again and again and again. "Stop!" She screamed. 

"She has a pistol?!" A man shouted and Omelia could hear the faint footsteps charging away. 

Omelia was naked, in the rain, the pistol tight in her hand, bruises and cuts all of her body, dying. Every second, any closer, she was dying. It was happening, she had nothing left in her. 

She let out a scream, to show someone she was there, before the darkness began to swallow her up, and she was nothing any more.

The End

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