Please take me away...

Omelia was not the type of girl to be here, and even though her parents did not love her, she wanted to be home. It was all she wanted. She lay in a ball crying on dead bodies, until the door opened again, to a large and dark figure.

Omelia stayed frozen, not daring to move as the figure slowly walked towards her and looked down at her. Omelia's eyes were tightly shut and she could feel the persons warm breath blowing onto her heavily. 

The figure picked her up but she did not move or scramble, afraid that something would happen...she let the figure do as they pleased. The person opened the heavy metal door, and Omelia immediately knew it was a man from their iron arms carrying her. 

"Oi, where are you taking that?!" A voice called and laughter came from all around her. Omelia wasn't amused and didn't like to be called that.

"Away," The man carrying her replied, shutting the door behind him and walking down a large alleyway , his footsteps echoing loudly.

Omelia took her chance and slowly opened her eyes to reveal her father, looking straight ahead, blood on his face, taking her somewhere she knew she didn't belong.

The End

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