A Stone Labyrinth

Reeter wandered through the streets, utterly lost and confused in this strange new place.

The noises and smells of this place confused her, their harsh, biting, reeking scents nothing like the softer, subtler smells of the forest she had grown up in.

Everything here was unfamiliar, every stone in the cobbled street looked as alien to her as a unicorn would look to someone else. She had no idea where she was going, she just wandered aimlessly through the streets, utterly lost and very confused.

The forest may have been a labyrinth to others, but it had always been home to her. She'd known every track and bypass in the place, even the trees had been individual to her.

And now here she was, stranded in the middle of this great stone maze, with no knowledge of where she was.

And she didn't like it.

Scrambling out of the way of a huge horse-drawn wagon, Reeter darted into a side alley and leant back against the wall, breathing hard.

How was she going to find Omelia in this place? She didn't even know where she was for God's sake, let alone who or what she was chasing. How could she follow them here?

Then it hit her.

Maybe she didn't know where she was, but someone else would.

It was so simple. If Reeter didn't know the way, then she would persuade someone to show her.

All she needed to complete her quest was a guide.

The End

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