I think I just saw something...something...different

Omelia sat alone in complete darkness, too afraid to shout, to afraid to speak, too afraid to whisper, even to afraid to breathe. She closed her eyes, because the darkness around her didn't make a difference to the blackness she had behind her eyelids, and lied down on strange bumpy things.

A smelly stench came from all around her, and as she tossed and fidgeted around to try and find some place comfortable, but something sharp would always be sticking in her back or her head or leg or any other place of her body.

Suddenly you could hear a, chuckink!, of a metal door opening so Omelia quickly lied down and closed her eyes tightly. Light shone on her face as the door was open, and she could hear laughs from outside of it . Something was suddenly thrown in and hit her in the face, before the door closed and she was alone again. 

But suddenly a light was switched on and beams of electricity came into the room. 

She slowly opened her eyes to notice that she was lying in a room, full of a million, dead, bodies.

The End

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