A Brave New World

The first thing Reeter thought when she first saw  the city was: How am I going to find Omelia in that!

The city was one vast mass of wood, stone and steel, with huge ugly smoking towers looming over the skyline and squat little slums lurking in the low alleyways beneath. The streets twisted and turned like a muck-infested river and so many sounds echoed from the place that it made Reeter's ears hurt to get too close.

She'd never seen anything so huge in all her life, never seen so many people in one place. Never smelt so many foul stenches in one disgustingly smelly place.

Reeter screwed up her nose and grimaced, this place smelt like a year-old badger's set. And the inside was probably worse.

None the less, she had to go in.

Taking a deep breath, Reeter scuttled into the nearest alleyway and looked about. She'd need to get her bearings if she wanted to find Omelia and her captor. Then again, she'd need to track them down first.

But where should she look? This city was far too large to look through in a day, or even a month. Reeter had no idea what manner of felons could be stalking around here, or what happened to people who got lost.

She'd just have to keep her head down and her ears up.

And get out as fast as possible.

Now, she thought, where to start looking?

The End

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