Get Off My Friend!

Reeter shot out of the bushes like an angry ferret. No-one messed with her friends, no-one!

"GETTOF HER YOU EVIL RAT!" she screeched, leaping at the man and trying to claw at him with her nails.

The man roared and flung her off him, kicking her brutally in the ribs before seizing the unconsious Omelia and racing off into the trees. Gasping, Reeter ran after him, calling all the while.  But the man was fast, and after chasing him for as long as she could, Reeter collapsed in an exhausted heap at the foot of an old tree.

He'd taken her. He'd taken her and she hadn't been able to stop him. It was all her fault.

Suddenly, Reeter dissolved into sobs. It was her fault. If she had been more watchful then he couldn't have crept up on her.

Then she wouldn't have been taken.

For several minutes, Reeter sat there, her knees curled against her chest, sobbing. Eventually she stopped and stood up, a determined look on her face and a steely glint in her dark grey eyes.

She had to find Omelia. She had to find her before something bad happened to her. She contemplated waiting for her family, but she soon disregarded the idea. She'd have to be quick if she wanted to catch him.

Brushing herself off, Reeter stood up and raced off into the trees following the direction the man had taken.

Hold on Omelia, she thought, I'm coming to get you!

The End

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