Now hold still my lovely...

Reeta was alone at home and Omelia was by herself in the forest, doing what she had always dreamed of. Beautiful music flew through the wind from the direction of Omelia's home, music that was depressing, yet very beautiful. 

Omelia and Reeta had developed a stronger relationship seeing as they'd had time to talk about things now. They both had a lot in common. Omelia smiled to herself and slowly skipped through the forest in time with the music, completely oblivious of what was about to hit her right then. Reeta didn't know either.

A dark hand reached out and grabbed Omelia tightly, she screamed but a clammy hand covered her mouth and she struggled to breath. "Quiet!" A voice hissed in her ear. She slapped their mouth away, noticing it was a stranger.

"Get away from me!" Omelia screamed but her words sounded wrong, different from his hand. She kicked and punched but the stranger held on reluctantly, never giving up.

"Now hold very still my lovely..." She could hear an evil laugh next to her face as she was pushed to the floor and knocked unconciouss.

Right then, Reeta's head popped up like a rabbits ears when somethings coming, because she heard a loud, ear piercing scream coming from the forest. Then the music stopped, and the beauty was lost, and the wind stopped humming, and the trees stopped swaying, and Reeta's heart stopped beating, for the first time in her life.

The End

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