Escape...but escape to where you belong

Omelia felt strangely uncomfortable, that she didn't belong here. She belonged with her new friend Reeta, but she just felt like...someone had taken a bite out of her body. Something was missing, and she could feel it, but ignored it.

At night Reeta and Omelia slept happily after staying up late and talking for what seemed like forever and ever. But at very early morning, Reeta quietly crept out of bed and went for a walk around the forest in her pyjamas. 

Her pale white feet crunched on the bark and occasionally scratched the soles of her feet but Reeta didn't care, she needed to be alone for a while. 

Reeta had developed a strong relationship with the forest, and felt that the forest was her home. She loved it and sometimes whispered things to the trees. She sat by a near by shrub and curled into a ball, staring at the sun slowly rising.

"I have always wanted to do that," A voice whispered and Reeta turned to see Omelia looking at her. Reeta gasped and turned back around, she'd heard her talking to the trees. 

"Um...what have you always wanted to do?" Reeta improvised.

"Develop a relationship with this forest, be able to go in it and play in it and make it mine," Omelia rubbed a large tree and smiled at it, coming and sitting next to Reeta. 

"Why didn't you?" Reeta whspered, looking at Omelia.

"My parents...they never allowed me to go out my house gate. I've spent my whole life looking through the forest, wanting to go out in it. If I stayed there too long I was hit and sent to my room," They both stayed silent and watched the sun finally arrive into the sky, creating breaks and cracks of light in the clouds. Sapphire blue colours shot through the sky, creating a very picturesque scenery.

Omelia smiled up at the sky, know that now, she could.

The End

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