Meet the Family

Reeter awoke to the sound of footsteps approaching the Den. Lurching into a messy, but technically upright position, her short blondish-brown mop of hair sticking up at all angles like a bird's nest and her not blue-but-not-green eyes half open in a bleary haze, she looked like someone who'd slept for a decade.

Omelia was already awake beside her, she snickered a bit at her friend's dishevveled appearance. Reeter grinned back and then stood up, pulling her friend by the hand.

"Come on, the others are back. Can't wait to introduce you to them!"

Omelia gave Reeter a nervous look and bit her lip, Reeter grinned and put a comforting hand on her shoulder:

"Don't worry, they'll love you. They've never turned anyone away yet, me included. Now lets go, before all the food's gone!"

As the two left the darkness of the den, they came face-to-face with a group of about four individuals, two men and two women, all a few years older than the girls. They looked at Omelia for a moment and she shifted uncomfortably under their gaze, but Reeter shot forwards and leapt into their arms with a shriek of joy.

"Mitch!" she cried, "Linn, Fallie, Cora, I missed you all so much! Where've you been? What did you see?"

After a few moments, during which Reeter administered a bone-crushing hug to each of her friends and each gave her an enthusiastic greeting, she turned back to Omeila, who had been standing shyly aside while the reunion took place.

"This is my friend Omelia. We met last night, she's a runaway. Can she stay with us? Oh please please please stay she can, please!"

One of the men, a tall pale individual with fair hair and grey-green eyes ruffled Reeter's hair affectinonately:

"Course she can, for as long as she wants. The more the merrier I say."

With a whoop of delight, Reeter raced back to Omelia's side and pulled her over to the waiting group.

"Did you hear that! You can stay! Wow, this is great. Now you don't have to wander around in the forest any more! Isn't this great Omelia!"

Omelia smiled back at her friend and said happily:

"Yes, yes it is."

The End

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