The Den

After twisting and turning through the forest for a while, the two girls arrived at what appeared to be a small derelict hut. Reeter looked back to see Omelia looking at it in a disbelieving manner. Reeter grinned, this was the most common reaction from the people she had brought here. Not that she'd brought many.

"Do you really live here?" Omelia asked, Reeter snickered;

"Of course I do," she paused, "I know it don't look like much but trust me it's real nice inside. Come on, I'll show you in!"

With Omelia in tow, Reeter pushed open the half-rusted front door and entered the small room. Omelia followed, and gasped when she saw the interior.

Beneath a half-caved-in ceiling, which Reeter had repaired with tree boughs, were several large nests of soft moss and forest grass. A large log in one corner sufficed as a table, and a few large rocks took the place of chairs. In the corner was a wooden box, where Reeter put the food stores, and a circle of white stones in the far left corner showed where the fireplace usually was.

Turning back to her still-gaping friend, Reeter gave her a friendly grin and made a grand sweeping gesture with her hand.

"My Lady Omelia," she said, putting on a false nasal voice "it is my great pleasure to welcome you to The Den."

The End

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