Rags meet riches

Reeter stepped out of the shadows at the bottom of the tree, holding the girl's bag in her arms. The girl herself, half-way up a tree, seemed too panicked to look at her. Reeter sighed, rich types were so flighty. But then again, having a shadow following you through the forest could be a little disconcerting. None the less, there was no need to go climbing trees. You only did that if there was a boar after you, as they can't climb. Grinning at the girl, Reeter called up the tree:

"I have it here, you can come down and get it if you like. Don't worry,  I won't hurt you."

The rich girl looked down and slowly began to shimmy back down the tree. Reeter held out the bag for her to take, attempting to look friendly so as not  to scare the girl.

"I'm Reeter, sorry I scared you back there. I was just wondering where you were going. What's your name by the way?"

The girl took her bag shyly and replied in a small voice,

"I am Omelia. I'm running away from home. Can you show me  the way out?"

Reeter looked confused by the statement, but nodded none the less. Why on earth was the girl running away? Didn't the rich types live in luxury and were always  waited on hand and foot? Why would you want to run away from that?

This day was getting stranger by the moment.

The End

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