Where's my bag?!

Omelia started to slow her pace when she got further away from the house, but her bag was getting too heavy so she plopped it on the ground and sat down, leaning  on a near by tree. She breathed heavily, exhausted. 

A shadow quickly ran through the forest, and she heard crackling noises from the bark. She quickly turned her head, scared when it happened again. She grabbed her bag and began running through the forest urgently, she was getting more lost every second. She stood helpless in the forest as someone ran around her quickly.

"Leave me! Just leave me alone!" She screamed, curling into a ball on the ground, crying. She stayed there for a few moments, breathing heavily, getting warm from the sun shining on her through the break of the trees above her. Then silence, nothing but absolute silence. The wind didn't blow and whistle through the trees, the crunching of the persons feet didn't go anywhere.

Maybe their gone? Omelia thought, but she could still feel someones presence lurking around her. She new she would have to face them. She slowly lifted her head to see no-one around her, then sighed in relief and grabbed her bag, standing up and then noticing she was lost. 

She turned in every direction, no path whatsoever. She wiped her tears and dropped her bag at the bottom of a large tree, then clung onto it with her hands and feet, clawing her way up until thick branches appeared for her to stand on.

Maybe if I get to the top of this tree, I can looked around and If I see the city then I'll go in that direction! She thought.

She slowly began to approach the top then looked back down to see her bag gone.

"Where's my bag?!" She shouted to herself, she wasn't getting back down now, not after all of the work she just did at trying to get up.

"I have it," a voice replied.

The End

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