A small step for man kind, a large step for Omelia

It was breaking dawn, and the sky was a beautiful baby pink colour. Omelia smiled up at the sky from her window and grabbed her large bag. Yesterday after a brutal beating from her father for not eating her dinner, she decided she'd had enough. She did not love them and they did not love her the way a special family should, so she was leaving.

She slipped on her shoes and tiptoed down the stairs very carefully, her parents bedroom was right next to the stairs. She slowly took every step, lifting her heavy bag very high so it wouldn't skid along the steps. When she finally got the bottom she exhaled heavily and put the bag down, walking into the kitchen and grabbing as much food as possible, storing it into her bag. 

After filling the already heavy bag she sat at the bottom of the stairs, thinking about what she was about it do. 

Is this right? Am I really doing the right thing? Yes...yes I am. She thought, she sat there for a while then stood up and looked in the mirror, wiping her face with her hand and picking up her bag. She slung it over her small shoulder and quietly opened the door, slowly closing it and tiptoeing to the front gate where the forest was.

She swiftly turned her head with one hand on the gate and looked at her house. She knew she would miss this place, her home, not her parents. Then she opened the gate for the first time, and took a large step onto the forest pathway, running way from her only family that she had left.

The End

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