Best Friends

Dear Diary,

I was thinking today about best friends and what it would be like to not have a best friend.

So like any other teenager, I would be utterly lost without my best friend. She means the world to me and I couldn't live without her. Her name is Claire and I can trust her with my life. We have been best friends for about 3 years but if feels like forever. We do practically everything together, except Sea Cadets and dancing but she does always copy off me. We have so much in common: same music taste, same fashion sense, same role models and even the same clothes and shoes. We hardly ever fight but when we do it lasts a whole of two minutes. If I have any secrets I know I can tell Claire confidently. She isn't one to judge. No one ever sees us apart.

But the thing is, she is moving soon. Back down to England. I don't know what I am going to do without her to be fair. Who will I tell my secrets to? Whos shoulder will I cry on when anutha boy brakes my heart? Who will I have two minute fights with? I really don't want her to leave but she has to and I can't stop her either. I guess I am goning to need to try and find a new best friend. Someone like Claire but different...



Katya.S xxx

The End

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