Regaining MemoriesMature

Dear diary,

Using the phone number we were able to trace where Hugo's sister lived (and assuming his whole family). We immediately left for Brooklyn, hoping to find some answers. It was hard enough for Jules and I to find out what our unresolved matters were and we had our memories, so imagine how hard it was for Hugo. We're helping him first, because if Jules and I were to resolve our matters and move on, Hugo would be all on his own without even knowing who he is. Sure, someone else might come along, but who knew how long that would take. Plus, they might not be as friendly as Julia and me. 

Thus we soon found ourselves in front of what was supposed to be Hugo's old home, before he, you know, died.

Sometimes being a ghost really comes in handy. I mean, we can just float right through the door without having to knock. Not that we can knock. And even if we could, no one would see us. That'd be awkward. 

''Hi you can't see me but I'm your dead brother.'' wouldn't probably go well.

Seeing his old house and the pictures on the wall seemed to bring back a lot of things. Julia and I had silently agreed to just let him be for now. He'd talk when he wanted to. So we did the one reasonable thing anyone would do in this kind of situation: we aw'ed at every baby picture (quietly, so that Hugo wouldn't hear us of course). He had been the cutest chubby little baby I had ever seen, besides moi of course (kidding, kidding). I noticed thatthere weren't any pictures of the entire family once Hugo had turned twelve. It was just him and his sister, who looked a lot like him then. I had a really bad feeling about this, but I kept my mouth shut.

''My parents are dead.'' Hugo muttered as soon as realisation hit him. He was looking at a family portrait of when he was around five years old. His eyes were fixated on the older couple holding the two siblings. The woman was a spitting image of Hugo and his sister, but Hugo had inherited his grey eyes from his father. 

''I'm so sorry, Hugo.'' Julia said and I nodded in agreement, not sure what to say.

''It's okay, as soon as I resolve my matters, I'll be with them again.'' he smiled optimistically, but there were tears in his eyes now that everything was coming back to him.

''You want to talk about it?'' I offered, but he shook his head and told us maybe later. For now he just wanted to sleep. 

You might wonder why, since he's a ghost, but we do sleep. We just don't need to. We usually don't either, but sometimes we're bored or we feel like we need to (force of habit, I guess). 

So we went back to the inbetween world and Hugo lay down for a very, very long nap.


The End

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