Call From a GhostMature

Dear diary,

The three of us decided that we don't want to be stuck here forever, so now we're going to help each other figure out what our unresolved matters are. First, we're going  to try and get Hugo's memories back. Not sure how, but I think we should ask the woman for help (and for her name, 'cause calling her 'the woman' is starting to become weird). 


Update: She showed up. Apparently Hugo is meant to remember on his own, but she gave us a hint: 732-757-2923. A phone number. Hmm. Where is a ghost going to get a phone? Especially when we can't touch anything?

Update two: Mom and Dad can call for us! Yes! 

Update three: Introduced my new friends to Mom and Dad. Was a bit awkward since they can't see any of us. They got along though.

Dad dialled the number for us and put the phone on speaker. A woman picked up and Dad looked at the direction we were standing expectantly.

Hugo looked at me, panic in his eyes. He obviously didn't want to freak out this woman that might know him (and thus that he is no longer among the living), so I spoke up.

''Hello, this is Mary Shay. I'm looking for... your son?'' 

I couldn't call him Hugo, now could I? That wasn't his real name after all (or so I assume).

''I don't have a son...'' their was suspicion in her voice and who could blame her? ''Unless you mistake me for my mother. Are you looking for my brother, Hugo?''

So his name was Hugo? Wait, it could be someone else named Hugo. Maybe another brother?


It was quiet at the other side of the line.

''I'm sorry to break this to you, Mary, but Hugo passed away not too long ago.''

''Oh my God, I am so sorry. My condolences.''

Hugo's sister thanked me and hang up. Hugo and I looked at each other. Well, at least now we knew that Hugo was his real name. And I told him it didn't suit him. Oops.

''What now?'' Julia asked us. That's a good question, Jules. An excellent one.

The End

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