A MonthMature

Dear diary,

Today I asked Julia if she knows how she died, since both Hugo and I don't. Apparently she had been sick for a long time. That's terrible. She assures me that she's alright now. She's no longer in pain and at least she has us now. 

It makes me wonder why I died. Had I maybe been sick too, without anyone knowing? I didn't feel sick. Not in the slightest. I think, anyway. I don't really remember. It feels like such a long time ago, but according to my parents' calendar it has only been a month. A month. So much has happened in one month:

  • I died 
  • I freaked out Isla
  • I met Smelly Hendrik
  • I went to Disneyworld
  • I tried travelling
  • I thought Audrey was dating Luke, but instead she is dating his twin Jake
  • I found out that Luke has a twin named Jake
  • I saw Neil Gaiman
  • Aunt Donna has a dog 
  • Talked to Mom and Dad
  • Hugo showed up
  • Hugo freaked out
  • Hugo calmed down
  • Hugo laughed
  • Julia showed up
  • Julia, Hugo and I became friends

Wow, even more things happened than I initially thought! I wonder what will happen next?


The End

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