Death is More Fun With FriendsMature

Dear diary,

Is it wrong that we had so much fun haunting people? But it was so funny. Like really, really funny. My stomach still hurts from laughing so much and there are dried tears on all of our cheeks. And Hugo is feeling better, so that makes me less of a horrible person, right? I made him feel better by inviting him to scare some people to death. Not literally, don't worry.

Death is so much more fun with friends by your side. We haven't even been together for that long, but I think we've already bonded. At least I feel that way. I should tell Mom and Dad about my new friends. Maybe introduce them another time.


Update: Mom and Dad really do seem to be doing better ever since I first spoke out to them. I'm still dead of course, but I guess it's because I'm not really 'gone', you know. They were happy to hear that I'm not all by myself anymore. Yeah, so am I.

The End

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