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Dear diary,

One day I'm all by my lonesome self, the next there are three of us. She is also our age (I'm not even sure if Hugo is sixteen, but he looks that way) and she seems to take the death at a young age thing quite well. Thank God. I swear. If Hugo weren't so damn good looking, I'd try to throw him out of here. 

Okay, I get it. You don't remember who you are. Makes the unresolved matters thing a bit harder, but really. Stop with the mental breakdown.

Am I being insensitive? I've never been an insensitive person. What is happening to me? Death. Death is what's happening to me.

Anyway, her name is Julia and she's pretty cool. She's a bookworm like me and we've spent the day (or year. Really, a clock would be helpful) talking about books the other hasn't been able to read. Hugo pointed out that we'd may be able to read those books in Heaven and we now spoiled it for each other. I reminded him that we could be stuck here forever. Not a good move. Brought him right back in depression. 

Well, at least he's better company than Hendrik right. He's not smelly, creepy and old. He smells pretty good actually (please don't ask me how I know), he's extremely handsome and about my age. So yay for me. 


Update: Julia and I decided to haunt some of our old enemies. Just to kill the time. Should we invite Hugo? I feel a bit responsible for his state. I mean, he'd probably be dealing with this a lot better if I had helped him out more.

The End

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