Scaring People is Easy When You're a GhostMature

Dear diary,

Well, that went super. Superduper even. Ahum. 

Hugo ran off as soon as we 'landed', leaving me no choice but to go after him. I mean, the guy hasn't been dead for that long. He doesn't know what to do. What if something bad happens? Not to him, obviously. He's dead, I'm not sure what bad thing could happen to him.

So apparently he saw someone that looked familiar to him. Since he has no idea who he is, he thought he could ask for their help. Really? You don't know who you are, and they can't see you.

Needless to say, the girl was really freaked out to hear ''I think I know you, could you please tell me who am?''

She screamed. And ran. And screamed some more. 

Hugo has been depressed ever since. I had to explain to him that we're invisible down there. That didn't go down well with him. No sir.

So I was unable to visit my mourning parents- thanks a lot, Hugh. 


Update: Hugo apologized for running off. Well isn't that sweet of him. I am so not taking him with me again. Not until he get's used to being dead, that is. 

The End

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