Hugo Doesn't Suit YouMature

Dear diary,

I have decided that the new guy needs a name. I can't keep calling him 'hey you', after all. He didn't seem to like any name I suggested, though. In the end, he decided that he looks like a 'Hugo'. No, you don't. Whatever. He's less cute now that he's awake. Not that he doesn't look good. He still does. But oh my Lord when he opens that mouth of his... All I want to do is throw something at him; he's that annoying. Unfortunately the only throwable thing I have is you, diary, and I don't want him anywhere near you, since I wrote that he's cute and that I want to ruffle his hair. No sir, I really don't want him reading that. No, thank you. 

I think I'm going to go see my parents now. It's been  a while. I think. At least it has been for me. A clock isn't too much to ask for, you know. I understand that you don't really need to know the time as a ghost, but if they want me to resolve my unresolved matters, they should at least let me know the time back down below. 


Update: Hugo wants to go along. Oh well, as long as he keeps his mouth shut. I don't want Mom and Dad freaking out. Dad will probably think he's my boyfriend or something and get all upset. Helloooo, I'm dead. If he was my boyfriend, be happy for me that I still get my happy ending. 

The End

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