Update on the New GuyMature

Dear diary,

The new guy woke up. He doesn't remember who he used to be and is very confused. He didn't believe me when I told him he was dead and now he's walking around trying to get out of here. I told him I can show him how to get back to earth, but he won't listen. I think he thinks I'm crazy. Well, he's probably right about that part.

Update: The woman appeared again, this time to explain everything to him. He fainted. I didn't know ghosts could faint.

Update two: Took him back to earth with me. He seems to believe the death thing now. He's freaking out. I know how he feels. Dying at sixteen sucks (understatement of the year). Maybe he should get a diary. Really kept me from going insane. I think that I've dealt with being dead pretty good so far. I haven't thrown a tantrum or had a mental breakdown or whatever. Who knew I was that tough. I sure didn't. 


The End

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