Dear diary,

Decided to spend sometime at home today. Worst. Plan. Ever. 

I think I just fully realised that I'm dead. I thought Mom and Dad were doing better. They're not. Of course they're not. I'm their only daughter and I'm not among them anymore. How could I have been so stupid? I wish I could give them a sign. To let them know that I am right here. Without freaking them out, of course. Just a hard thing to do when you can't touch anything and you're invisible.

Wait. I'm invisible, but does that mean no one can hear me? I'll keep you up to date, diary.

Update: Oh my God they can hear me.

Update two: Talking is exhausting, but at least I made my parents happy (and cry).

''Hello?'' I had called out. They came running towards my room, with shocked expressions (there was also expectation on their faces. Oh God, had they expected me to magically come back from the death and appear in my room?).

''We must be losing our minds.'' my father had said.

''No, I'm really here,'' I replied. ''You just can't see me. Sorry about that. Trying to figure that part out. I've failed so far.''

''Mary?'' Oh God I couldn't stand seeing my mom all teary-eyed like that.

''The one and only.''

My parents started crying even more at that. Asking me how I've been (''Dead.'' was apparently not a very appropriate answer), what Heaven was like (''Er, I'm not exactly in Heaven.'' ''You're in Hell?'' Thanks Dad, for having so much faith in me. I explained that I was somewhere inbetween because of 'unresolved matters') and if at least I had died without pain. Well, I hadn't even noticed that I was dying until I was already dead. That seemed to be a relief to them. By then I was really tired, so I told them that I had to go, but that I'd come again.

I'm pretty sure that when I had left my parents were wondering if they were just hearing things, but I'd assure them that everything had been very real the next time I saw them.


The End

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