Backstabbed Again?Mature

Dear diary,

Seriously considering haunting Audrey. Just caught her and Luke making out. 

Update: Did you know Luke has a twin brother? 'Cause I didn't. 

Update two: So Audrey had been flirting with Luke's twin brother Jake, who (I found out after a lot of digging, which is hard when you're a ghost) lives with their mother in London. Their mother got a better job back here in New York and they had moved back here. So... Am I glad that I never haunted Audrey. 

Update three: After close examination, I found out that there are some differences between Luke and his twin. Jake has a birthmark close to his nose, which seems to be a little more hooked than Luke's. That's a good thing for Audrey, I suppose. Don't want your boyfriend catching you making out with his brother because you thought he was him.


The End

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