A Mystery SolvedMature

Dear diary,

Ever since my meeting with that woman earlier (I have no idea if it was yesterday, or today, or maybe even last year. Time is really weird in this place), I keep wondering if I'd meet a cute ghost boy in Heaven. And then we'd get marry and live happily ever after. Minus the live part, I guess.

So the bucket list was no good. What could my unresolved matters possibly be? I guess I'll go back to earth and see if there's anything I can do there. Maybe haunt some people (by the way, I never haunted Audrey. Aren't you proud of me?)

Update: Mom and Dad seem to be doing better. The dog too. Still have no idea where it came from.

Update two: Just saw Aunt Donna pick the dog up. Apparently Mom and Dad were just taking care of it while Aunt Donna was gone. Well, that's one mystery solved. I still don't know why it had been so depressed and had refused to eat though. Guess that's a mystery for another day.


The End

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