Bye Bye, Bucket List!Mature

Dear diary,

My bucketlist so far:

1.Meet my favourite authors <-- saw Neil Gaiman, does that count as meeting?
2. Go to Disneyworld 
3. Get married <-- impossible
4. Have kids <-- impossible
5. Read the books on my to read list <-- can't touch objects back on earth, so impossible
6. Have a pet  (I sort of had a pet. Not really. But I played with one. I doubt this is one of my unresolved matters anyway)
7. Travel 
8. Go on a vacation with my friends <-- they don't seem to be going on a vacation any time soon

As you can see, dear diary, things are not looking up. I'm starting to think that this isn't the way to go. Maybe I could try calling for that woman's help. You know, the one who explained all of this to me and Smelly Hendrik.

Update: She showed up. That's a start

Update two: She took a look at my bucket list and laughed. The hell?

Update three: ''You have a long way to go, young one.'' Are you kidding me?

Update four: She told me that if I managed to enter Heaven, I could actually get married. Well, that's pretty cool to know. No ghost babies though. Which is actually a relief. I'm not sure how I'd feel about seeing ghost babies floating around. I'd always wonder if they were born that way or that they had died back on earth. 


The End

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