Can You Backstab A Ghost?Mature

Dear diary,

What do you need enemies for with friends like that? I mean, seriously? I've been dead for, what, a week maybe? Two tops? And already Audrey is shamelessly flirting with Luke, the guy I've been crushing on for YEARS. Just proves what a great friend Audrey really is. Or was. 

Look, I know I'm being unreasonable. I'm dead. My chances with Luke are pretty much zero (unless he's into ghosts, which I'd be totally cool with), but come on. You'd think she'd wait a little longer out of respect for me, her dead best friend. Or maybe she thinks that now that I'm 'out of the way', she doesn't have to hide her feelings anymore (she never even told me she liked him. I'd be okay with that, you know. Not with this backstabbing. Though it's not really backstabbing I guess when the person being stabbed is already dead. I don't know, actually. Is it considered backstabbing?)

Sigh. Diary, what am I supposed to do? Should I haunt her? 


Ps. No worries. I was joking about the haunting. She is my best friend. If she finds happiness with Luke, I'll accept that. 

Update: Hell no that I'll accept that. Haunting it is. 

The End

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