Try Before You ... er ... DieMature

Dear diary,

HENDRIK IS GONE. I repeat: HENDRIK IS GONE. Hallelujah! Can live get any better? Er, I mean death. Can death get any better? Okay, I'm all by myself again, but Smelly Hendrik wasn't great company anyway. Now I can focus on finding out what my unresolved matters are (his smell was really distracting).

Maybe I should try and make a try before you die list (ironic, I know) and maybe there is something on there that could be it? Well, here goes nothing.

1.Meet my favourite authors (but I really don't want to scare them to death- please don't take that literally)
2. Go to Disneyworld (do you think ghosts can go on rides? I saw it in a Hamtaro game once)
3. Get married (well, that can't be it. Unless someone wants to marry a ghost. Huh. There might be someone with a weird fetish like that)
4. Have kids (can ghosts give birth? I doubt it. Or maybe we can give birth to tiny ghost babies. Wait, no. That's creepy)
5. Read the books on my to read list (but we've already established that that's impossible)
6. Have a pet (thanks Mom and Dad, for getting one now)
7. Travel (can't be that hard, right? Though it'd be hard to take selfies...) 
8. Go on a vacation with my friends (I can still accompany them, they just wouldn't be able to see me)

Well, I can do 2, 7 and 8 sort of. I could try 1 I guess. Hey wait a minute. I'm a ghost. I have favourite authors who are dead, thus quite possibly ghosts. Ha. Wait. It's just me in here. So they're in Heaven, aren't they? (or in Hell, but I don't like to think negatively of them).

Let's get this started then.


The End

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