An Epiphany! Or Not?Mature

Dear diary,

I just got an epiphany (is that how you spell it? It is, isn't it?). What if my unresolved matters are the books I never got to read? Could that seriously be it? Wait, does that mean that Heaven doesn't have a library? Disappointing, very disappointing. 

No wait, that can't be it. I've tried picking things up back on earth and it didn't work. I can't exactly read those books when I can't even pick them up, can I?

Well, there goes my epiphany. You will hear from me again, diary. After all, there's nothing else to do. Besides talking to Smelly Hendrik. No thank you. Why are we the only ones with unresolved matters? I really must have done something bad when I was alive to deserve all of this.


The End

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