A Day Back on EarthMature

Dear diary,

Since I won't be able to move on until I have 'resolved my unresolved matters', I decided to take a look around back on earth to see what these matters could be. Well, that didn't make me feel depressed at all

Mom hardly gets out of bed. Dad is trying desperately to keep the household running. Even the dog refuses to eat. 

I can't even remember we had a dog. 

Did we really have a dog? I'd know it's name if we did, right? Why do my parents have a dog all of a sudden? And why is it depressed when it didn't even know me? 

Things at school weren't much better. My friends were constantly bursting into tears, the rest of the class was uncomfortably silent and even the kids outside of my year seemed to struggle with my dead. I had no idea I was so popular.

Unless I'm like Van Gogh. After my dead I suddenly gain popularity. Really?


Ps. Still don't know what my unresolved matters are. Maybe me being here is a mistake. There are plenty dead Mary Shays in the world. They could've placed the wrong one here.

The End

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