Dear God, Someone Save Me From This CreepMature

Dear diary,

You know how I've been complaining about being bored to death? Well, no change there. Hendrik is not much company. In fact, I preferred how things were before his arrival. He's a creep who keeps trying to read my diary. Well, there we go diary. I had to be a smart mouth: ''I don't have to worry about people reading my diary, because I'm dead.'' Yep, now it came back to bite me in the ass. 


Update: Hendrik told me he thinks I'm cute. Ew.

Update two: Can ghosts do inappropriate things to each other? Dear God, I hope not.

Update three: Is it awful of me to wish for someone else to join us? I mean, I'm basically hoping someone else will die.

Update four: How come it's just the two of us anyway? Lots of people die each day.

The End

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