Diary of a Crazy Girl: I'm in Lesbian with My SisterMature

So ever since my totally unexpected event with my "sister", I've been attached to her. Okay, I mean I have always been. I just feel better when I deny things that I know will later come and haunt me. Like most, the stuff I say or do. But um...yeah no, I see her a little differently than I did before ever since our little "event" and I guess our Master can see it. As I said before, during our event, I was not in control of my own body. I was having so many thoughts that were not my own were going through my head that night. This is why that was.

As crazy as this might sound, I have a split personality. Well, I have many...but the one that took over my body...well that one is a guy. His name is Ryokun. It is pronounced Royukan. Anyway, he loves my "sister" a lot more than I do. Nevertheless, because he is a part of me, I guess it does not matter.

Anyway, I got off track, but that is important information to know.

The next day comes and drama happens. I am talking to my "sister" about things and she asks me, "How can you see me as your sister, but do what you did last night?" I really could not answer her. I mean I was shocked to even remember what happened. True I did not blackout but still. I answered her after awhile. I pretty much hid my face from her because I was blushing so much. I said to her, "What I did last night...how I see you...well I am into incest. A sister's love can be so strong there are no bounds to it." She just laughed at me and said something in Spanish.

I later found out she said kiss me. Whoa, my "sister" wanted me to kiss her. It seems we both were having some unnatural feeling towards each other. As the day went on I was fighting with myself not to touch her. I could not help myself. When we were alone a split second, I would start to touch on her sending shivers up and down her spine. I will admit part of me does it because I enjoy seeing her in complete bliss. I wanted to see her like that a lot. I have noticed that she does not stay in bliss for long as I do. If I could keep her in a cheerful mood all the time, along with our Master, then I know everything will go great for the day.

I lost myself in my mind some part of the day. While in the daydream of mine, I saw myself in an entering a bedroom that had all kinds of fun toys that I wish my Master would use on me. I walked over to the wall that was mostly filled up by floggers and picked one up. I smiled as I felt the leather on my fingertips. It was a very sturdy flogger. I would say from how heavy it felt, it was a thudder. I could hear the sound come down across my back and/or ass. A strong thud I pictured was being delivered by my Master. I shivered in my daydream thinking about it as I moved the flogger over my skin. I snapped out of it when heard my "sister" call out my name. I dropped the flogger in embarrassment as I turned and faced her.

She was necked and by the sound of her voice, she sounded like she was slowly coming out of her bliss after having sex. She asked what I was doing in the room and I put up my skank to answer her question. I was curious about the room and floggers interest me. She giggled slightly and called me over to her. I obeyed like the good girl I try to be. (I have a problem. Oh, wait that’s already known. What I mean is, I have trouble being a "good girl" 24/7). I sat next to her on the bed, looking down. My guy personality, Ryokun, wanted to me to look up so badly so that we could look at her lovely breast. She lifted my head up so I could look at her in her eyes as we spoke. I just looked at her waiting for her to say something. Guess she was waiting for the same thing. So in complete random I said, "So, He fuck you really rough this time huh?"

She laughed at me then started to stroke my face. As she stroked it, I started to lean into her so that we could kiss, but I pulled away. I knew I could not do it. Why would she let me kiss her? I mean it is already odd that she is letting me see her naked. When I pulled away, she pulled me back and kissed me softly. I froze after she kissed me. I could not believe that she kissed me. I looked at her a little funny and then saw this loving look in her eyes along with the blissful look. She smiled at me and then kissed me again. I am not very good at kissing, so just our lips connected. We kissed for a while until she pulled me on top of her where I started to dance my fingers all over her chest down to her stomach. I felt her shiver at my touch and I started to get horny myself.

As my fingers started to travel down, I reached her pussy where something in me had me bend down and give her clit a lick. It did not stop there though. She tasted so sweet that my body needed more. I spread open her legs, lifted her hips up a little as I started to lie down on the bed to begin my feast. I started out just rubbing her clit in circular motions. Her body started to twitch and I swear I heard her beg me a little to just eat her out cause this was torture for her. I simply just smiled at her and then blew on her clit as I rubbed it. I know it would have been best if I had ice nearby. I have always wanted to try ice on someone, but never wanted it to be tried on me. She kept twitching from pleasure and I finally went down and started to lick her clit. I wish I knew what to compare her too, because she is sweeter than ice cream.

As I ate, my "sister" out I reached up and started to play with her nipples. It was somewhat hard to do, so I just focused on eating her out. As I did, I felt someone behind me. I did not care at first and kept doing what felt natural. That is when my daydream started to end. Cause in the daydream and real life, I felt someone was clawing my back. So I snapped out of a wonderful daydream. Turns out it was my Master. I glared at Him and He just stuck His tongue out at me. He told me to go charge the phones and I did not have a problem with that cause my phone was close to dying as well.

It took two hours to do so and after those two hours, I return with charged up phones and a charged laptop. It is dark now so it is getting close to dinner. As everyone is doing something, my "sister" comes up to me as I am lying down. I smiled at her and then reached up and stroked her face. We exchanged some words that I do not remember now. After those words, she started to touch up on me. This sure was a twist. This is completely unnatural for the both of us. She did the same thing as I did to her, danced her fingers against my flesh. I started to get really horny and I did not know why. Well yeah, I did, because my "sister" was turning me on. I started to touch her to distract myself from being so turned on. My "sister" laughed at me because I was doing the same thing back. Then she asked me, "How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling okay, other than the fact that I'm crazy horny." She smiled at me and then started to rub her leg against my crotch. Oh my wow, I was going insane. At that point, I really wish that either she would use my toy or she actually had a strap-on. However, it all stopped too soon. Our friends came back and we acted as if we did not do anything. I sat there with my cheeks puffed out like a blowfish. I was pissed off cause now I was extremely horny. Well, nothing I can do with everyone around.

Time passes by, dinner has been served, and one of our friends needed to go home. Therefore, that just left my “sister”, our Master and me. I was just being weird and playing with her nipples because I know that He wants her to lactate so He could have chocolate milk whenever He wanted. When it was all quiet, other than my "sister's" slight moans, He told me to eat her out. I blushed, stopped what I was doing and covered my face. He told me to do it again, He was not joking. However, strangely, He had His back turn towards as if He did not want to watch. What guy does not want to watch two girls? Better question, what kind of Master didn't want to watch His girls do things with each other????? My "sister" uncovered my face and looked at me. She told me not to worry about Him, our Master, and to just focus on her. That is when Ryokun slightly took over, guiding me on what to do.

I started to kiss her at first, and then moved down to suck on her nipples while dancing my fingers against her stomach. She started to shiver from this and Ryokun and I smiled. We were giving her complete bliss. I started to finger her, but we were in an awkward position at the time. After she took off her pants and panties, I went down on her. I pretty much did the same thing as I was doing in the daydream. However, this time, I was fingering her as I sucked on her clit. I stopped and started doing other things like running my nails up and down her legs. I was so hoping to have made her squirt, but I didn't know how to do so. Therefore, I just kept licking up and down and all around until she came. When she did, she pulled me up to her, kissed me slightly and said, "Thank you."

I enjoyed myself, and I am sure she did too. Nevertheless, to this day, I wondered how good I actually did.

The End

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