Diary of a Crazy Girl: Totally UnexpectedMature

It was totally and completely unexpected. My "sister" and I do not even like each other. Hell we cannot stand each other at times. We deal with each other because we have one major thing in common. However, one reason, why we do not like each other, is that we are both black. Though I pretty much worship the ground she walks on, I get very jealous of her. I mean why would, not I', she just seems so perfect. That is one reason she is my idol. Anyway, let me get back on track to what was much unexpected. What happened one night...and I do believe I had an out of body experience, but what had happen was I ended up eating my "sister" as our Master laid next to us watching. We did not even know He was watching because He seemed as though He was asleep because He started to join in at first. Well, not really, because he was barely touching me. I mean after awhile I thought He started to touch her, but He was not. I thought it was queer because she is the love of His life and I was just like a daughter to Him. Sorry, I am getting way ahead of myself, let me start from the beginning as to how all of this happened in the first place.

Therefore, this is how this totally unexpected event all started. It was late at night, just after dinner when my "sister" tells me how her toe was bothering her. I was not tired, so I decided that I would help her out by massaging it as best as I could. I started rubbing her foot and then went to stretching out her toe. I followed every little instruction as to how she wanted me to do it. From pulling to slowly rotating her toe, I believe I sent waves of slight pleasure along with pain. While all of this is happening, two of our friends were getting down. The noises the girl was making were pretty only because she tried hard not to be loud at first. After my hand started to cramp, I asked my "sister" if she wanted mean to rub her neck as well. I had only asked because I knew her neck was bothering her. She got in front of mean to allow mean to get to her neck. By the time she got into position, our two friends were just finishing having sex. We exchanged a few words before we started to mess with our friend that were passed the fuck out. It was so funny, but what made it priceless was when we thought he was waking up. All he said was, "Derm", and then went back to sleep.

Ah, it was all too funny, but after the laughing died down and our friends started to go to sleep as well, I went back to doing as I was doing before. I rubbed my "sister's" neck and then started to apply pressure. My hands seem to take a mind of their own. I went from massaging her neck to massaging her shoulders and all over her back. I had no idea what had come over me at the time because the next thing I knew, I started to scratch her back. I moved my hands over her back instead of staying in one spot. I remember hearing that she does not like repetitive motion. However, scratching was fine I guess because an inch will be so bad that it takes that repetitive motion. The only thing in the way was her bra, so I unhooked it to scratch her back better. I started to play some music, or as I say, moosic, to cut out the silence and to have my fingers dance around her back. I like to do this to people because it makes them slightly shiver. It was fun for mean, but I swear that after awhile, I was not in control of my body.

As my fingers danced around her back, my hands started to travel to her side, and then up to her breast. I started to...correction my body started to be slightly turned on. I do not know what came over me. Somehow, I was enjoying what I was doing to my "sister". I felt myself getting wet as I notice her slipping into bliss. I want to send her into complete bliss. As time when on, I was doing just that. My “sister” is turned on by light touches and as I continued to touch her ever so lightly all over her body, she started to undo her pants. I did not know how to react to this, so I kept doing what I was doing, dancing my fingers on her back and side.

As I was dancing my fingers on her side, I felt a force take control of my hand to where I moved it up and started to play with her nipples. I heard her take in a sharp breath. From that, I could tell that her nipples must have been super sensitive. I bit my lip as I took my middle finger and started to move it in circular motions. I heard her moan in pleasure from this. I kept going, and then started to pull her on her nipples. Again, my body started to do things that were not of my own. My hands started to travel down to her stomach and I continued to do my finger dance. My own breathing started to pick up as my hand started to move down into her pants. I bit my lip and then started to finger my “sister”. She started to shiver some more as I rubbed her clit in a circular motion and up and down. I started to finger her, but it did not seem to feel right so I just kept rubbing her clit.

I as I rubbed her pussy, part of me wish I was a guy or at least have a strap-on so that I could fuck her and give her pleasure. I had to get that thought out of my head, but I could not, no matter how hard I tried. I kept rubbing her pussy until she came. Before she did, I heard her say in a low voice, “I’m going to cum.” God, at that moment, something in me wanted to turn her head and make-out with her as she came all over my hand. When I got done, I whispered in her ear very softly…when I think about it, the first time I said it, it was a little too soft. Either way, I asked her if she wanted me to eat her out. I could tell she was shocked by the question I had asked her. She replied, “Do you want to?” I was completely honest with her, I only was asking because I like to see her comfortable. There was a slight pause where I was waiting for an answer, but I pretty much told myself fuck it.

“Get on your back,” I said in a different tone. I know it was not my own voice. My sister got on her back and pulled off her pants. I moved her panties to the side and started to eat her out. I kind of wish that the music was turned down a little bit so that I could hear her moans so I would know if I was actually doing it right. Willingly…I have not eaten a girl out since…well it has been awhile; let us just put it that way. I ate her out until I started to get sore in my next. I was in a very awkward position to begin with. When I looked up to slightly pop my neck, she sat up and looked at me. I could not tell how she was looking at me because it was dark on the side she was on. I asked her, “How did I do?” A very legit question for a person who was willing to eat a girl out for the first time since ever, her responds to me was that I did well. I blushed a little hearing this from her. My “sister” someone I look up to. Someone I see as a role model. We both looked over at our Master wondering if He was asleep or not. She checked to see if He was hard from watching us. We got in close and looked into His face. He scared us and we both rather slugged Him in the arm. It was late so we all got in our spots to go to bed. I know from this totally unexpected event, that our Master wasn’t going to let either one of us live it down.

The End

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