Something Weird This Way Comes

There's a terrible storm comin'  The waves are near high enough to reach the railings. .

The Cap'n justs stands at the bow and stares inta the storm. I dunno what's got inta him. Ever since we was attacked he's been mighty moody. 

There's a wailin' wind and drivin' rain enough to soak me to the bone.  There's a weird fog that seems to be comin' at us,  but  against the wind! It's not like any fog I ever seen afore.

As the fog gets closer, the wind lifts and swirls above us, around us,  and the sea goes calm. My blood runs cold as I see a ship move  toward us, sails in rags.  Even from a distance you can hear the timbers creak.!

When the wind dies down, the whole crew gathers at the railin'. It's no wonder the ship lists a bit to that side.  For once there is total silence on the Pink Daffodil.

" I knew this day was coming. I saw it in my dreams. I knew we were doomed, so  I prayed myself into a frenzy and threw myself overboard."

A quiet, raspy voice speaks beside me. I look to me left, and there stands the shady wraith of preacher Jonny Roe!

"You...You're dead! You drownded! " I squawked.

I can be pretty observent, even when I'm scairt crapless.

"Aye, but my soul seems to be stuck here on this ship. I'm here for a reason, I just don't know what it is."

He said this sadly and shook his wispy head. He turned suddenly to the rail, and stared at the other ship, which was but a cannonball's throw away by now.

"That's The Flying Dutchman, lad. Better say your final prayers now!"

The End

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