Mr Pligitt Observes a Terrifying Near-Future

Dear Diary

I am currently writing this from behind the post of the mast, for the wind seems to be picking up. Indeed, it had blown the sails right in front of my view of anything on the ship, which is why I resorted to me second-favourite hobby of watching the horizon with my telescope. It was then I noticed that there appeared to be a storm on the horizon.

At first it appeared to be merely a raincloud and a bit of wind, choppy waters I've seen plenty of times before. However, as I watched it for about an hour, the wind continued to build, the water began splattering against the side of the ship, and drizzle began spraying down upon us. Which is odd, as the storm's still a good five miles away.

The crew beneath me are silent as they prepare, running to and fro about the boat. Any mumbles to each other are blown away by the wind and spray of the ocean. Tubby is nowhere to be seen, most likely on account of his terrible seasickness. I know more than most of the crew suffer from seasickness. Me included.

The Captain, however, seems to be standing alot more upright than usual. Now and again, he stops at the end of the ship, and stares poetically into the storm.

I am considering tying myself to the mast to prevent heading into a raging storm in the crow's nest. However, I am too afraid to head down and get rope.

The End

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