Poor  Oily. They sure did knock him down a peg - or two.  I can't stand his weepin' and wailin'. I understand  it, I just can't  stand it. 

When the other boats come at us, I never thought what to do but yell me head off. I didn't know it would lead to parts of Oily beein' shark bait. I hope we don't get attacked again. The cap'n might have Oily cut in half!

There's a sailor on board what likes to carve stuff. I dunno his real name, everbody just calls him Carver.  Ever since ole Angus was laid to rest in the briny deep, he's been our ship's carpenter - of sorts.

Carver was fixin' the railin'  t' other week where it was rotted, and he decided it needed to be dressed up a bit. He carved and painted a full sized seagull and attached it to a post on the railin'.  I swear it looked real. Tubby snuck up on it and tried to strangle it for lunch. He nearly busted his  hands tryin' to pull it off'n the post!.

I near bust a gut laughin' when I told him it was a carved wood bird. Then he tried to strangle me, but I got away. It don't take much. A fast walk will get me away from Tubby most of the time.

Anyway, I asked Carver if he could make some kinda peg legs for Oily that would fit better, and wouldn't hurt so much.

I went down in the hold to look for a coupla posts or somepin'  to use. This is a pirate ship, the hold is supposed to be full of gold doubloons, and silver and stuff, but it ain't. It's just fulla junk.

I found a oak post and a mahogany post about the right size. I gave  'em to Carver, and he set to work. He made a coupla real handsome pegs, all etched with sailin' ships, and whales and parrots.

Between Carver and me, we rigged the pegs with pieces of riggin' and canvas sail, and tied   'em to Oily's stumps. look real good, they do, cept one is white oak, and  t'other is red  mahogany. He calls 'em oaky and red. Don't know why he names his limbs, I don't.

Jimmie Shrike

The End

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