Ay, Dios Mío

¿A quién le importa cuál es la fecha?

Ay, Dios mío... I've discovered that my fiery temper and Spanish wine do not mix particularly well.  Take the other night for example (I'm pretty sure it was last night, but who knows?).  Diario, you saw my last few entries.  Ahora, trata verme diez veces peor de eso.  Think of me ten times worse then that.

That was me after the attack.

En serio, I cannot believe that Sandy's sorry excuse for a pirate crew (the ones who weren't flat out drunk, that is) actually made my crew retreat.  Estaba más furiosa del infierno.  I was madder than hell; I don't think I spouted more obscenites in one go than the other night, in both English and Spanish.  That, and I had a splitting dolor de cabeza, which makes everything worse.

Hm.  Perhaps I should think of a new approach.  Maybe I should send a message, announcing that I'd be coming to the Daffodil.  I think it'd be good for some of Los Chicos to see what a pirate ship should not be, m'ijo especially.  I think he would find it most amusing.

--- some time elapses---

I drafted a note to send to the Rose-tinted Bathtub, and took it up to Ignacio, my first mate, to deliver.

"Nacho, toma esta carta al barco rosado allí," I told him.  Take this note to that pink boat over there.

He looked a bit confused.  "¿Eso es el barco que attacaron anoche?"  Isn't that the ship we attacked yesterday.

"Sí, eso es."  Aye, that's it.

"Pero pensé que dijo que el capitán es idiota, y que se odias..." But I though you said the captain's an idiot, and that you hated him...

"¡Yo sé que dije!  ¡Y ahora te digo 'tómala al Capitán!'" I know what I said!  And now I'm telling you 'take it to the Captain!'

He jumped at that, and scurried off the ship down to the Bathtub.

It'll be interesting to see Sandy again.  Because, regardless of whether he wants it or not, this chiquita mallorquina and some of her Chicos are paying the Daffodil a visit.


The End

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